+ 39

Remigio Architects signs the design for the +39 restaurant in Moscow.

The Project

A perfect combination of tradition and innovation that becomes an expression of Italian spirit at the highest level in terms of style, design, culture, and taste.

Remigio Architects’ work goes far beyond the meticulous framing of spaces or the skilful creation of furnishings by excellent Made in Italy craftsmen,defining an original concept that focuses attention on the territory of origin and on three main elements: water, earth, and fire.


The crystalline water of the sea is enclosed in an expanse of white and blue tables, made of Vesuvian lava stone, hand-decorated with the same technique as vietrese ceramics.

The fertile earth is reproduced with calamine-treated iron sheets.

Fire, witness to authenticity and respect for the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza, comes to life in the only possible oven, the wood-burning oven in Vesuvius lava stone, to remain the protagonist in the bright red circular eruptions set in the iron walls.