Capolago 12

For a private client, Architect Luca Remigio, he supervised the redevelopment and design of a house in Milan: Capolago 12.

The Project

Capolago 12 is a four-storey residential building characterised by a unique architectural element: a rough iron staircase leading from the entrance to the terrace.

The stairs

It consists of 6 ramps and 69 steps made of porphyry blocks, quarried, and processed in Val Camonica, to create millimetric joints in an unusual dry ‘setting’.

Light Design

Another guiding element of the project is the staircase lighting designed by Remigio Architects and realised by Bilumen. The concave-shaped plaster makes it possible to create plays and cuts of “customised light” that vary according to the inclination and the different times of day. This lighting system favours continuity and verticality to the staircase body.