Remigio Architects is responsible for the design of the spaces at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan’s Piazza Affari for the 20th anniversary of Confimprese and collaborates with Graniti Fiandre to design two pieces of furniture placed at the entrance.

The Project

The architect Remigio and his team do not stop at pure material research but focus on spaces, volumes, lines and, revisiting the canons of Naum Gabo’s Russian constructivism of the early 20th century, narrate and define two important twin vases.

Twin Vases

Contemporary architectural elements, exclusive and refined furnishing accessories unique to the purest shades of high-tech ceramics from the leading company.
The Liuba white and Liuba black vases are scenic and creative representations, abstract containers of the identity, values, and aspirations of Fiandre and the other Confimprese members who with enterprise, creativity and commitment make the Italian system great.