Think like a bee

Francesco Forcellini and Luca Remigio signed for Remigio Architects the concept of the event Think like a bee – exhibiting in harmony with nature staged in the spaces of Interexpo.

The Project

Five installations that tell the world of eco-sustainable exhibit design through bees, their work in harmony with nature and their incredible construction technique.


Each installation is characterised by hexagonal structures that recall the shape of the cells that make up the beehive. The colours are a tribute to nature and play on pastel shades of yellow, orange and powder pink with some details in the shade of a bright blue to emphasise innovations in exhibit design.

Aluminium and fabric

The environmentally sustainable and infinitely recyclable materials range from wood and aluminium to fabric made from yarns obtained from fishing nets recovered from the seas, sublimation-printed with water-based inks, thus without the use of chemical solvents; underlining the commitment to environmental protection.