Future Nostalgia

Remigio Architects in collaboration with illustrator Jacopo Ascari presented the installation Nostalgia Futuro for this Design Week. A journey of discovery of a Milan that is not but could have been. A narrative flow that comes to life amidst illustrated installations and designer furnishings in an immersive, olfactory and aural journey.

The Project

Nostalgia Futuro presents an urbanistic reality, that of Milan, a city of impossible projects and visions by some of the greatest masters, iconic projects of great value that have not been completed, opening up future and futuristic scenarios. An illustrated story featuring a child following a carriage and entering a city suspended between sadness and hope, and a 1950s-style female figure and a red rouge à levre that flamboyantly reveals itself and takes flight. Nostalgia Future is monumentality, sharing, trust in the future. Architecture stands as an antidote to anxieties, as a euphoric interpretation for the future.

The facade

Remigio Architects covers the office in Via Plinio and Via Righi to create a monolith made of vertical fabric panels and aluminium frame more than 10 metres high, which are interspersed at a constant rhythm to eliminate any holes in the entire building and define a multi-facetted blank canvas on which to majestically render the illustration of Jacopo Ascari. A meeting of visions and contaminations to experience space from the outside rather than from the inside and, in any case, with different perspectives.


Nostalgia Futuro is developed in the interior, where the Soixante-deux (62 in French) collection takes centre stage with three pieces of furniture: a seat, a bookcase and a console. The name originates from the special design and characteristics of the collection, with an innovative modular structure based on the number 62, which also recurs in the accessories and friezes. The three pieces of furniture, placed in separate areas, are presented inside white boxes that wrap each element to place it in its own domestic environment, composing a complete living reality, made visible thanks to Jacopo Ascari‘s drawings represented on one or more wings. Nostalgia Futuro is an experiential, multi-sensory journey, visually stimulating and tactile due to the material aesthetics of the concept, but also olfactory thanks to the collaboration with Moellhausene of listening. The route is in fact accompanied by a smartguide produced in collaboration with eArs, a company specialising in the production of short audios for various sectors and events, and Mondadori Audiolibri