Plinio 73

On Interexpo’s 50th birthday, Remigio Architects reformulates, transforms, and renovates the historic headquarters of the company specialising in the organisation of events, fairs and exhibitions at an international level.

The Project

The restyling project radically changes the basement floor overlooking the outdoor garden to create an Exhibit Building with a relational and contact character with spaces and environments designed for networking and business meetings.

From the line of the door handles to the careful choice of ornamental plants, everything is studied, designed and custom-made by skilled craftsmen in order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity.

The Stone

The cornerstone of the design is Pietra di Bedonia. The stone slabs are cut “in the shape of a box” to compose circular figures on floors and walls in a continuum between indoor and outdoor spaces. Alongside it we find two other natural materials such as wood and iron with which all the wall finishes and furnishing accessories have been made.

The gazebo

A solid iron structure stands inside the garden. Metal arches made of rough material continue the play of geometries realised in the interior spaces.